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an online fitness community by Candice McCoy

Find your confidence, energy and the essence of who you are.


As a wife, a mama to two sets of twins, and a girl boss of a small business, everything around me was everything I'd ever wanted in life. But I still just didn't feel at home in my own body.  I knew I had a passionate, happy, confident mama and person inside, but I needed help and a path to let her be free. I found my path, and now I'm ready to help you find yours


What’s holding you back from becoming your best self?

My latest program will challenge you to become your best self - and we are 100% in it together.


Change your life in 21 days.

Join one of my monthly challenge groups to find the motivation + mindset + accountability to help you reach your goals and find your freedom in life. 

Daily Inspiration +
Streamable Workouts

Simple Meal Plans + Easy Superfood Shakes

A Community of Women for Accountability + Friendship


“On the other side of your fear is your freedom.”

— Jen Sincero