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an online fitness community by Candice McCoy

Hi there. I'm Candice.


Hi! I'm Candice. Welcome to my little virtual studio where I bask in the glow of living a fit and free life.  When our second set of twins - both girls this time - came 3 years ago, I was in love with every aspect of my life...except the way I felt inside. I was taking care of every single other person besides myself, and before long I was in a dark place void of confidence, self-love and freedom to be the best version of myself!  But hope was not lost, and God led me to a kick booty fitness/nutrition program and a group of women who believed in me long before I believed in myself. I found my freedom in becoming the girl I'd always pictured in my head...and now I'm paying it forward by leading fitness/nutrition training groups for women who are searching for their own path to personal freedom. So, go ahead and join me already! ;) You're only one moment away from changing your life forever!


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