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an online fitness community by Candice McCoy

Ready to break free and begin living your best life?

My challenge groups are designed to give you the motivation + mindset + accountability to help you reach your goals and find your freedom in life! I pour my heart and soul into my challengers by providing inspiration, knowledge and 1:1 advice/encouragement as a roadmap to become the best version of yourself! 

Making this revolutionary change for yourself doesn't only affect you, but filters into every single area of your life - your relationships, job, family etc. That's why we call our group Team Fit + Free. Becoming fit in mind and body leads to a life of freedom - knowing you can take on any challenge or goal you set before yourself and will never again be held back by fear or insecurity! Here's how it works.

My challenge groups combine 3 key factors to help you reach your goals:


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1. Daily Inspiration +
Streamable Workouts

Every morning you'll wake up to motivation and inspiration to follow your plan and give 100% to your workout and eats. My ladies check in with each other throughout the day whenever it's convenient and share all the ups and downs that come with tackling something new!  We're like built-in virtual besties getting fitter and happier together every single day.

There has literally never been a workout program more accessible or easy to fit into your already busy life!  If you have a 6ft square space, a set or two of weights, 30 minutes and wifi - then success is yours for the taking! 


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2. Easy Meal Plans +
Convenient Superfood Shakes

The best way to keep your nutrition on point and reach your goals, is by having a plan! My groups give you a weekly roadmap, ready-made meal plans, meal prep guides as well as the flexibility and tools to create your own...and don't worry - we say no to deprivation + hungry. This is real life - and we like to live it!  

Top if off with superfood shakes that taste like dessert, and there's no way you can fail! They offer an entire day's worth of nutrients + superfoods, probiotics and SO much more that will have you feeling vibrant and full of energy in a matter of days.



3. A Community of Women for Accountability + Friendship

The secret sauce of each of our groups is in the women who make them up. We are in this together -  the group accountability plus 1:1 coaching help us to share our struggles, lift each other up and celebrate every tiny success together. You want to get healthy?  Find a driven, passionate gang of women to surround you, and you're automatically halfway there!


Join my next challenge group and step into your best life. 


Loooooooovong the energy I’m having now that I’ve changed my eating habits and workout 7 days a week now. Loooooving the shakes and the breakfast routine I’m in now. Loving the support of this group and amazing coach.
— Kelli
I can’t tell you how blessed I’ve been by this program and all of your efforts. I appreciate your daily effort and all that you’re teaching us.
— Molly
I enjoy having a group for accountability and encouragement. I’m trying to have a lifestyle change and that takes time, so continuing with the group in a no brainer.
— Alison